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    Now is the time to book your fall fishing trips!! Peak fall fishing is from October 15th - New Years   day  !!  Some days are still available , book now to insure yout date!!   --Right now,water temps are mostly in the  70s & low 80's .The lake is still clear on the south end, and slightly stained on the north end . Lake is 3 feet or so below full pool and fallimg --- visit for more info. The best way to contact me is by email at  or  you can phone me at 706- 884-1483. Thanks - Keith Hudson

Bass: GOOD  ---
  As the days get  shorter and the temps cool , expect a big improvement in the fishing.  --------With the  higher than normal water levels from the hurricane rains, good numbers of  fish are already shallow and this pattern should  only improve as the water continues to cool. Top water baits such as Buzz Baits,  Whopper Ploppers, Zara Spooks and Spro Poppin frogs are effective for shallow  fish, especially around shallow brush,grass and weed beds . Try targeting areas north of the 219 bridge in the Chattahoochee . Also have a jig handy to pitch into wood cover in these same areas. 
----Predictably  consistent, spotted bass are still your best bet for numbers. Spots are being caught  by casting Spot Remover heads loaded with Zoom Shakey Head worms or just dragging a Carolina-rigged Zoom finesse worm or mini lizard around sloping gravel banks . Also try a small Texas rigged worm or a pig-n -jig around blow down trees. Try fishing around the bridges and bridge pilings with  small crankbaits, and Tommyhead rigs, especially during periods of water generation. 

Linesides: GOOD ---  Hybrids & stripes are  down lake in good numbers. Expect the down-line  bite on live bait to continue to improve drastically as the water cools and we move on  into fall. The usual humps and dropoffs should produce. --- Some fish are  surface schooling in  the Pyne Road Park / Wilson Creek area  and  can be caught on Roostertails, topwaters, pop n cork rigs and Storm Swim  Shad lures. ---Trolling with crankbaits  is also fairly effective.

Crappie: Good   ---
Some fish have already started to move  shallower as the water has cooled.  Target blowdowns and brushpiles in 3-8 feet of water. I like the cuts and coves north of Highland Marina this time of year.  Jigs or minnows fished under a float will usually work on these fish ,when you find them.--- Some crappie  still tend to move out and hold on deeper brush &  other structures  or under docks. Try dropshotting minnows or shooting docks  in 10- 15ft of  water for good results on these deeper fish.    



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