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Bass: Fair .  -  With the lake still  at full pool  so far this summer , top water baits such as Spro Frogs,  Chug Bugs, Whopper Ploppers, Senkos  and Buzz Baits can still be effective for shallow and aggressive post spawn fish, especially around bream beds or shallow cover in the mornings .  Some largemouth are still being weighed in  by guys who fish shallow, targeting bass that are around these beds feeding on the bream. Some of the grass beds above 219 bridge in the Chattahoochee  are also holding fish.--- Pitching jigs into mid depth  blowdowns and wood cover also is a great pattern for transitional fish this time of year.   ------ Later in the month ,some fish should stack up  on deeper brush piles and road beds as well, as the water warms and lake levels drops a little . Try deep running crankbaits , like the Fat Free Shad or Texas rigged Ol Monster worms .---- Some spotted bass are still being caught  by casting topwaters early around shoal markers. Later in the day try Buckeye  Spot Remover heads loaded with Shakey Tail worms or just dragging a Carolina-rigged Zoom finesse worm or mini lizard around sloping gravel banks

Linesides : Fair  --- . Spawned out hybrids & stripes and white bass are still back down lake in pretty good numbers.- Expect the down - line  bite on live bait to stay fair throughout  July ---Also,expect improved surface schooling  on  the main lake , they can be caught casting  crankbaits, topwaters, Popping Cork rigs and Storm Swim Shad lures. Best time for this schooling activity is early or late or on overcast days.-- Trolling for stripers will also improve in July as the water warms and the fish scatter a bit  and keeps you comfortable on the hot days as well! 

Crappie: Good . --- Spawned out fish will typically move out and hold on deeper brush & structure  or under docks. Try dropshotting minnows or shooting docks for the best results. If you are good at casting to or shooting docks you can still do well. -- Night fishing is usually good in July , and you can beat the heat! .
Bream:  Good - Don't forget about our bream & shellcracker. Finding an active bed can take a little effort but when you do , you can have a ball ! Bedding usually takes place  on the full moon cycle  again in July.  Look for shallow cover in the backs of pockets. Sandy flats & stump beds tend to draw the fish like a magnet.  Some really good sized shellcrackers have been caught so far this summer.  Use live pink worms , crickets and small jigs for the best results.  

Catfish : Good - Lots of channel cat are being caught  by the few anglers that target them . Live & cut baits (and worms of course) fished on bottom will catch cats all over the lake, as long as fairly deep water is nearby.-- Jug Fishing is also fun & productive. ----- To target flatheads, go to a larger bait like a 4-5 inch bream or large shiner and fish the same areas.Be sure to increase the size of your rigs as fish in the 20-30-lb. range are fairly common.   


  Now is the time to book your FALL 2018 fishing trips!! Peak FALL fishing is from  October 15th  until  Christmas  !!!!  Plenty of days are still available , so book now to insure your date!!   ----- visit for more info.------------ The best way to contact me is by email at  or you can phone me at 706-884-1483    Thanks - Keith Hudson

THE LAKE IS AT FULL POOL! Water has cleared back up and looks great.Water temps are in the upper 80's and low 90's.   



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